We all know that Artificial Intelligence is the future! That’s why The AI Weekend includes theoretical and practical information, and even some will be applied throughout the workshop. Also it has a non-technical part in which you’ll have quizzes and activities to do that will support you learning and skill enhancement process.


Who should attend:

• Startups
• Innovators
• Managers
• Technologists
• Anyone interested in the field
• A preferable background in Python

Instructors’ Bio:

For the non technical workshop from 5pm-8pm is: Sara Khalil

Sara Khalil product owner she is currently working as a product manager at data day one Company a retail AI Company ,she was also the project manager at innovation company for communication technology and she worked as a product manager at soleek lab and a backend developer in ABB company
Sara is a MBA holder from EBS and also a certified business analyst

For the two technical workshops (Customer segment classification from 10AM-1PM and Diabetes prediction from 1:30-4:30 PM

Meet our trainer Shady Yehia Selim.
Shady is a Senior Software Engineer at Andela, Founder & Leader at Google Developer Group, & Guinness World Records Breaker.

HE also was a techincal Project Manager at ITSmart and an Android Mentor in The Udacity TIEC Android Developer Nanodegree

Shady is a certified in Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree, Nanodegree Android Deverloper, and has an MBA. He is also Certified in Mobile sites from Google.

Shady volunteered as a speaker in Egypt Google Developers Summit and volunteered in Cairo Global Game Jan Judging Panel. He also delivered a workshop in the MENA Games in Lebanon.

Shady also was a technical trainer, student mentor, a speaker and workshop instructor at GDG Cairo.


Here’s a list of the Benefits that you’ll gain:

• Define and analyze Broad Categories of Machine Learning Algorithms

• Implement different machine learning algorithms in Python with the open source Datasets and comparing the efficiency of algorithms

• Apply machine learning tools to build and evaluate predictors, mainly, Scikit-learn

• Perform Data Visualization using Matplotlib and Seaborn

Workshop names:

1-Customer Segments Classification


3-AI for Non Tech

Your Investment:

- 120 per workshop (Early bird)

- 180 per workshop (Late owl)


- AlMaqarr Coworking Space, New Cairo

Date Saturday, September 28.

Register: https://forms.gle/KbcruYha6sFqbYeWA

Payment Methods:

- Vodafone Cash: 01032047043
-Offline payment at AlMaqarr branch.
-Online payment and through Aman: